Artist Development

To compliment individual music lessons and learning we provide the space and opportunity for young musicians to come together, both formally through workshops and informally, to jam together, to form bands, to collaborate, to learn about music production, live and studio recording, music business, promotion and performance. With CDs of original compositions produced, showcase performances hosted and many past participants going on to work within the music and creative industries this is the place to be if you want to optimise your creative potential and meet like minded people.

Saturdays are normally creative development time with workshops covering songwriting, music production, performance, recording, music business, marketing, filming, photography, event management.

Facilitators for workshops vary according to the specific workshop and are selected from our pool of experienced industry professionals.

Get in touch if you would like to find out more info and/or get involved.

Rural Key Artist Development alumni include –

Gemma Bradley (BBC Radio 1) – Glasgowbury have developed my creative skills vastly and in turn have helped my career. I used to learn guitar here myself and attend rural key workshops regularly. Without them I wouldn’t be able to play guitar as well as I can today or be as confident within my own songwriting abilities. Glasgowbury gave me my first opportunity to appear on radio as a guest and gave me my first major festival slot. Without these opportunities and encouragement I wouldn’t be doing what I do now, and for that I am very thankful.

Shauna Tohill – “My expectations were met and exceeded, they go out of their way to help peoples creativity flourish…In one sentence, my experience with Glasgowbury has been (and is) such a fantastic one – they have given me the confidence to be who I am today as a musician (and a person)”.

John Gribbin (New York based Building Pictures/Tamper) – “I am making music that I am proud of and this is something that the Rural Key Project and Glasgowbury inspired me to do”

Shea Tohill – “Glasgowbury/The Rural Key has provided complete inspiration, encouragement and great advice, loads of tea, opportunities to get involved in music, playing great gigs, meeting new people and forming new friendships. They bring great music and culture to a rural area and have given me knowledge of the music industry that I can use throughout my musical life”

Sarah O’Kane – “The Glasgowbury team were essential in mentoring me in just how the media industry worked and what opportunities were available for me”




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