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Rural Key Music Project

The Rural Key Music Project is a dynamic initiative, based in Draperstown which gives young musicians a step up the musical ladder with intensive workshops covering all aspects of the music industry.

The Project started in November 2006 and has seen the release of three compilation albums featuring course participants performing original material.

The project is an invaluable and popular experience for all those involved as all avenues of the music industry are delved into, giving the participants an intriguing and educational insight into the skills required and often overlooked by upcoming young artists.

As well as exploring and learning new techniques, the project also aims to encourage participants to interact and develop ideas together, and in doing so, helps to create an environment in which they can feel more confident with their own individual ability and performance.

With this in mind the Rural Key Music Project is also developing into an important stepping stone for those interested in exploring higher educational opportunities in the future, and in doing so it also acts as a foundation for further development.

Previous participants have gone on to perform at the Glasgowbury Festival itself, or have gained invaluable experience working in the Production Area of the Festival. Others have gone on to study music courses at third level education with the knowledge fostered on the Rural Key.

The course contents range from songwriting techniques, performance, sound and video recording, artist promotion, industry practices, cultural diversity and everything in between with the emphasis focusing on the production of the Songs In A Rural Key CD.

This year’s release received tremendous critical acclaim for it’s standard of songwriting and also garnered lots of airplay locally and nationally.

To get involved in the Rural Key Music Project or to find out anything about Glasgowbury’s various workshops, get in touch at: workshops@glasgowbury.com