Small But Massive Lives & Communities

The Small But Massive Lives and Communities programme was first piloted in 2015/16 to tackle limited opportunities for affordable engagement in the arts in rural areas providing opportunities for adults, older people, youth and children, including those with special and complex needs to participate in a variety of arts activities including music, dance, arts & crafts and digital training. Activities that encourage a more active lifestyle, promote physical and mental well being, provide social interaction and opportunities for life long learning.

Through this programme Glasgowbury aims to change lives, strengthen communities and nurture talent by using the arts to develop social, economic and creative opportunities for all members of the community. The programme of projects and events supports the use of the Creative Hub by all regardless of community background, social status, age, gender, race or disability and actively targets social exclusion, directly impacts on rural disadvantage and promotes equality while ensuring that poverty and social status are not barriers to participation.

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