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General Information

Health Needs

We try to accommodate everyone at Glasgowbury and want all our fans to get the possible experience out of the weekend.

We would like to encourage anyone with any disabled or specific health needs to get in contact with us ahead of the festival and we will do all within our power to welcome and look after you.

Email info@glasgowbury.com with any queries and we will endeavour to give you the best possible festival experience.


Travel & Car Parking

Car Parking:

Feel safe and secure by parking your car in the official Glasgowbury car park, manned by security day and night.

For this year’s festival, the car park will open at 1pm on Friday 19th July.

A fee of £5 will apply to park your car here to cover the costs of field hire, security etc.

Festival Travel:

An official bus provider will be announced soon to help ferry you to the festival from all corners of the country.

Check back for more information soon.

Other Bus Services:

Those that come via other buses will not gain access to the main festival road and will have to disembark and queue for the shuttle bus service. This will be strictly enforced to allow all vehicles to arrive and drop-off safely.


Getting ready to party

Box Office:

The festival box office will open at 2pm on Friday 19th July. Anyone arriving before this time will have to wait, enjoying the surrounds of our lovely field.


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