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G Sessions History

The G Sessions were an inevitable spin-off of the work Glasgowbury was doing.

What better way to supplement a festival filled with independent artists than to offer a monthly showcase gig in support of it?

And since its arrival in 2004 the G Sessions have become recognised by acts right across the country as the place to play and the place to be seen.

As Glasgowbury has grown in stature, so too has the strength of the G Sessions. From packed out performances by the likes of And So I Watch you From Afar, Fighting With Wire and mojoFURY to unforgettable nights with Jack L, Oppenheimer and Joe Echo, the G Sessions never disappoint.

Linking with many bodies and initiatives including IMRO and the ‘You Are’ campaign for various projects, Glasgowbury has established itself as a pioneering group in its multi-faceted forms for the support of new music.

Meanwhile, in 2010, G Decks became a spin-off of the G Sessions, giving emerging and established DJs a chance to showcase their work in a professional environment.

Now eight years old, the G Sessions have firmly established themselves as one of the longest running and most prolific regular showcase nights, attracting some of the most exciting talent from throughout the country.

This ethos will continue throughout 2012 as Glasgowbury will continue to book stellar line-ups for stellar audiences.


To be considered for a future G Session, why not get in touch: submissions@glasgowbury.com


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