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Glasgowbury is a multi award winning creative business with years of experience. We have built a strong and identifiable brand with a reputation for high standards and quality programming.

Glasgowbury organise and develop a range of year round activities and initiatives which are accessible to all.

All Glasgowbury facilitators are self employed. They are Access NI Checked and have attended Safeguarding Training. They have also attended ‘Teaching and Learning for Creative Professionals’ training.

In order to comply with our safeguarding policy and legislation, classes of over 10 children require 2 adults to manage the class needs and to practically help out. If you are unable to provide an assistant Glasgowbury will aim to provide an experienced assistance. This would be at an extra charge per session.

If there are a number of children participating who are on the autistic spectrum or other learning/social needs, and who will require extra help or attention then extra assistance could be required even if the numbers are under 10. We are happy to start classes and let the groups/schools know if any issues arise.

Drumming & Percussion

This popular energetic activity is engaging, improves concentration, co-ordination and cognitive
functioning, reduces anxiety and is a fun way to exercise.

Starting with hand drumming on djembes to introduce world rhythms and progressing to samba
percussion instruments. After 8 weeks participants should be able to perform one piece. We are also
able to conduct one off hand drumming workshops.

We can also offer workshops with boomwhackers. Boomwhackers produce musical tones when
struck together, on the floor, or against nearly any surface.

Boomwhackers can be used to develop sensorimotor skills, social skills, and creativity.
There is further opportunity for social and creative development by joining the Small But Massive
Junior Samba band who meet weekly and perform at local events.

Ceramics / Pottery

Pottery is a creative outlet that can enrich children’s lives in ways ranging from boosting their self
esteem to improving motor skills, hand eye co-ordination and problem solving. It has a calming
effect as children are focused and engaged on creating their masterpiece. The class provides gentle
stimulation which is perfect for sensory development and engages the sense of smell, sight and
touch. It encourages children to learn something new that may contribute to maintaining a creative

This activity is best done in a room with no carpet. Different ceramic pieces range from 1 week to 8
weeks to make.


Dance is a powerful ally for developing many of the attributes of a growingchild and helps
children mature physically, emotionally, socially, and cognitively.

Dance is a good source of fun exercise for children, it can make them feel physically refreshed
and movement patterns and repetition develop co-ordination and kinaesthetic memory. It
improves the mood and confidence and is an outlet for imagination.

Being part of a group activity, such as learning a dance routine, promotes the importance of
teamwork and develops the ability to work successfully in a group environment. The process also
helps a child learn patience, listening and leadership skills as they start to help each other with
learning and practising the steps.

After 6 weeks the group would be able to perform a dance routine.

For groups aged 14years+ we can facilitate an OCN Level 1 Award in Exploring Dance


Drama brings elements of play, humour, and laughter to those taking part. It improves
motivation and reduces stress while developing the ability and skills to be able to focus the
mind, the body and the voice.

Aspects of drama, especially improvisation, help young people to understand how to appraise
situations, think outside the box and be more confident going into unfamiliar situations. It
improves verbal and nonverbal communication, listening, observation skills and memory.
Drama games allow young people to express a range of emotions and encourage them to
understand and deal with similar feelings they may be experiencing.

The class aims to let kids use their imagination through fun, structured and unstructured

Film Making

We offer fun and enriching movie making courses for children and young people. The content and
introduction to technical, production and editing skills (using ipads/ imovie to video cameras) will
depend on the age of the participants. An OCN accredited course is available for children aged 14yrs
and over.

The workshops are designed to bring out confidence, creativity and transferrable skills for life, to
develop knowledge and skills both behind and in front of the camera (story boarding, directing,
editing etc) and ignite the imagination. Workshops can be tailored to facilitate a one off workshop to
the recommended 8 week course.

Digital Music Making

Creativity is the ability to think outside the proverbial box, to string two unrelated ideas together in a
new way. In this activity we use iPads to introduce young people to music and music production
through apps, for instance Garage Band whose music creation system enables users to create
multiple tracks with pre-made MIDI keyboards, pre-made loops, an array of various instrumental
effects, and voice recordings. It can inspire an interest in learning an instrument which can be
followed through even with a Garage Band digital tutor!

This can work as one off workshop or a longer programme. The children can work on an individual
piece or perhaps compose a song for the school?

Stop Motion Animation / Claymation

Stop Motion Animation is an excellent way for young children to begin to explore the
world of movie making, help to build essential thinking and communication skills while improving motor skills, concentration and hand eye co-ordination. It is a process where a
series of pictures taken with a stills or video camera, of inanimate objects, one frame at
a time and then the object is painstakingly moved in small increments so that when
these individual shot frames are viewed sequentially a simulation of continuous
movement is observed.

Stop motion animation can be very simple to extremely complex. We use stop motion apps on ipads. We use clay models as these are relatively easy for children to make and they are easy to move into position.


With arts provision shrinking in our mainstream schools, more and more parents are looking for
quality creative opportunities for their children. A child who has the opportunity to take part in
creative activity becomes more interesting, expressive and motivated. Glasgowbury is a multi
award winning organisation for our annual music festival (2000 – 2013) and our Rural Key Music
and Multi Media programme (2003 – present) and aims to provide activities to a professional
standard with a diligent approach.

Glasgowbury, has over the last few years developed a range of long term creative programmes
at our HQ in Draperstown where over 200 young people take part every week, learning new
skills, growing in confidence, meeting new friends, getting opportunities for performances,
having fun!

We developed the Outreach programme to further meet our charitable purposes by providing
access for other young people in rural areas who have little or no access to creative activity. Our
access progression programmes at HQ provide further opportunity for social and
creative development should the outreach programme spark an interest in any of the
young people.


In order to comply with our safe guarding policy and legislation, classes over 10 children require 2
adults to manage the class needs and for some activities to practically help out. 20 would tend to the
maximum capacity.

If there are a number of children participating who are on the autistic spectrum or other
learning/social needs, and who will require extra help or attention then extra assistance may be
required even if the numbers are under 10. We are happy to start classes and let groups/schools
know if any issues arise.

Pottery classes are limited to 8 due to the intricacies of the activity and the amount of 1:1 time
needed while working on the ceramic piece.

The preferred age for workshops is age 8 and over. Dance can take from age 4years however not in
the same class as age 8+.

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