Creative Schools Programmes

Glasgowbury is a multi award winning creative business with years of experience. We have built a strong and identifiable brand with a reputation for high standards and quality programming.

Glasgowbury organise and develop a range of year round activities and initiatives which are accessible to all.

All Glasgowbury facilitators are self employed. They are Access NI Checked and have attended Safeguarding Training. They have also attended ‘Teaching and Learning for Creative Professionals’ training.

In order to comply with our safeguarding policy and legislation, classes of over 10 children require 2 adults to manage the class needs and to practically help out. If you are unable to provide an assistant Glasgowbury will aim to provide an experienced assistance. This would be at an extra charge per session.
If there are a number of children participating who are on the autistic spectrum or other learning/social needs, and who will require extra help or attention then extra assistance could be required even if the numbers are under 10. We are happy to start classes and let the groups/schools know if any issues arise.

Starting with hand drumming on djembes to introduce rhythms, then progress to samba percussion instruments. After 8 weeks should be able to perform one piece. This activity is best done in a hall/open space. We are hoping to increase our percussion instruments (eg boomwhackers) soon to offer more varied rhythm workshops for young children.
Capacity: 20 max.

Make and decorate a piece of hand made pottery – eg a bowl/pot/ ornament. This activity is best done in a room without a carpeted floor. An 8 week course is recommended to complete one good piece. If the school has a pottery wheel we can look at including that in the facilitation, but more for the fun of it as it takes a while to learn to throw and may not be possible for small hands. Sometimes, depending on the ability of the group they may be able to get a simpler, second piece done in the timeframe.
Capacity: 10 max due to the intricate work required and 1:1 time needed with each student.

Pop Dance
Learning routines to popular tunes. Develops technique, encourages individual choreography, provides exercise. After 6 weeks participants should be able to perform a dance. One off dance workshops are also popular for parties/events.
Capacity: 20 max.

There’s no better way than a drama class to bring a bit of fun while nurturing self confidence, teaching social skills and self expression. The classes aim to let the kids use their imagination through fun , structured and non structured activities.
Capacity: 20 max.

Learning to Draw
Classes concentrating on ‘Figure and The Face’ to teach young people technique and skill when drawing. Currently available to kids aged 11yrs and over.
Capacity: 20 max.

Coding for Kids
Programme their own interactive stories and games on ipads. This is a progressive activity with opportunities to continue learning to higher levels over a longer period of time. We start off on Scratch Jr, which is now familiar to most schools. The app is free to download up to a certain level. The cost to download apps for progression after that is approx £1 per device.
Capacity: 20 max.

Film Making/Special FX
Introducing film making on ipads using Movie Magic and basic concepts of special effects through green screen and/or green screen app. We recommend at least an 8 week programme although one off workshops can also be popular. In the past kids have worked on basic promo videos for the schools or a school ‘newsroom’.
Capacity: 20 max.

Digital Music
Using ipads/apps to introduce young people to music and music production through chosen games/garage band/other apps. Can work as a one off workshop or longer programme. Can work on an individual piece or perhaps compose a song for the school.
Capacity: 20 max.

Stop Motion Animation/Claymation
Make clay models/lego to create a short stop motion animation on ipads. We recommend an 8 week programme.
Capacity: 20 max.

Other digital workshops can be facilitated using ipads and themes can be linked to popular characters eg Harry Potter – wand battle or make a moving newspaper / superheroes / Detective Workshop – making a wanted poster using ipads / ipad photography. There may be a small cost in downloading the apps needed for these. These are 2/3hr long workshops and a 6/8 week digital programme could incorporate a few of the workshops.

Instrument Lessons
We can provide music lessons in guitar / bodhran if pupils/schools have the instruments. In our own practice we keep a 1:4 teacher:pupil ratio in order for kids to get more valuable learning experience.

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