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About Us


Glasgowbury is a registered Charity.

Company Ltd by Guarantee. Company Number: N1605616


A range of policies and registers are in place to ensure that Glasgowbury complies with all of its statutory responsibilities.

Glasgowbury is committed to practice which protects children and vulnerable adults from harm. Staff and volunteers in this organisation accept and recognise the responsibilities to develop awareness of the issues which cause harm.

The Safeguarding Structure and Safeguarding Policy and Procedures are available on request from Glasgowbury.


We aim to be:
A ‘Small But Massive’ force that supports and enhances creativity and builds the capacity of individuals, communities and the arts and culture sector to promote social inclusion, educate, entertain and inspire active community engagement’


A vibrant music and arts culture which supports community participation in the creative industries, tourism and lifelong learning to make a positive contribution to social inclusion, community cohesion and economic development.


Glasgowbury’s actions are guided by:

  • A passion for music, arts and the creative industries
  • Our commitment to support the personal and professional development of the people and organisations we work with
  • Confidence in the quality of our homegrown, original talent and the potential for them to compete and succeed in the creative sector locally, regionally, nationally and internationally
  • A recognition that all members of rural communities require support to access opportunities for creative and community engagement
  • The highest standards of transparency and probity and characterised by honesty and fair play
  • A belief that our activities reduce social exclusion and promote equality and good relations



To advance arts and culture, particularly contemporary music, by:

  • Organising, promoting, presenting and consulting on music festivals, performances and events
  • Facilitating creative industry development and community arts activities
  • Providing venues, facilities, amenities and equipment for rehearsal and performance


To advance education by:

  • Creating opportunities for work placement, volunteering and training
  • Organising and delivering music, multi media, dance, theatre and creative arts classes
  • Organising workshops, discussions and seminars raising awareness of music and cultural matters and issues



Managed by a core team of 2 staff, supported by self employed creatives and volunteers.
Governed by a Board of 7 voluntary Directors.


Full information available on our brochure.