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1 year since our move to the Cornstore!

It’s been 1 year since our move to the Cornstore! Time flies! Here’s a wee update and invite to navigate yourself around the website to keep up date with all things ‘smallbutMASSIVE!’.

2013 marked Glasgowbury’s ‘Small But Massive’ transition into new territories after over a decade providing an unparalled platform for up and coming and established artists throughout the country. In November 2013 we relocated to a landmark heritage building in Draperstown, The Cornstore , where the continued development of homegrown talent and expansion of new educational, creative and community enterprises are thriving. This is something we have been working towards since 2004 so it is great to finally to have a permanent building where we have the opportunity to grow and deliver a broader and more consistent programme of events.

It has been a challenging year but we are making strong progress and are now able to announce a more varied programme of arts and creative and community development that will continue to foster local talent and encourage participation in the arts at a local level.

We are still transcending into this new phase of work and development of a new website and fundraising activities are ongoing. There is still a lot of work to be done both to the building and finding the resources to keep the programmes going. To facilitate this Glasgowbury will be embarking on a fundraising campaign and strengthening our infrastructure via board development and volunteer/work experience opportunities.

While the creative hub is Draperstown based we aspire to offer the services to all those with creative inklings from throughout the district. Having a limited marketing budget we are relying on the Power of the People to spread the word, share our facebook statuses and tell people about our work – Changing Lives, Strengthening Communities and Nurturing Talent. Thanks in advance!

Fundraising –
Glasgowbury is a registered charity and donations are welcome towards ongoing programmes in Community Arts and Creative Industries Development. We are currently developing a sustainability plan which will include fundraising appeals and initiatives. A key priority is to further diversify our sources of income, to enable us to invest in more projects and people. Further information on how you can support the ‘smallbutMASSIVE!’ vision to follow soon!

In the meantime…
If you are feeling generous we accept ongoing donations at the Cornstore or Just Text Donate :
Buzz 44 £3 to 70070 (£3 is a suggested donation but happy to take more or less, just change the £ amount!)

Fundraise for us through sponsored activities eg marathons/sponsored events

Donations of unused instruments are also beneficial.

Corporate donations

We have been humbled by the generosity of people who have already donated instruments, enabling more young kids to participate in learning, and money towards ongoing programmes.

A small contribution will make a massive difference!



G Team – opportunities available for volunteers to gain valuable experience with an award winning organisation – media marketing, project/events management, general programme assistance, fundraising. Linked with Millennium Volunteers for UCAS points. Suitable for students, graduates and others/adults with a bit of time to spare. (email gteam@glasgowbury.com)

Glasgowbury board – expressions of interest being accepted from the creative and business communities to join an innovative, social and creative charitable enterprise. (email info@glasgowbury.com)

With our ever expanding programme we are accepting expressions of interest for our tutor and casual workers database. (email gteam@glasgowbury.com)

G-Sessions and Other Live Shows

We have obtained our entertainments license for the Cornstore. Before we can open to the public though there are certain things that have to be done to the building so bear with us while all that is being put in place and we look forward to bringing you quality entertainment in ‘The Loft’!

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