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Glasgowbury gets its tech on in Derry

Glasgowbury are delighted to announce that we will partner with the magnificent Culture Tech festival in Derry this year.

In the same vein as Glasgowbury does for new music, the annual Culture Tech event celebrates the growing digital sector across Northern Ireland with over 100 events throughout the city centre.

And as part of this year’s spectacular September celebration, Glasgowbury will curate and host a free ‘picnic’ style event in Derry city centre on Saturday 14th September.

The event will showcase nationally recognised homegrown talent alongside up-and-coming artists from across the region and full line-up details will be available in the coming months.

Festival organiser, Mark Nagurski, said: “CultureTECH was great fun in 2012, but this year’s festival is going to be enormous.

“Outside of the major events within the programme, the focus shifts to showcasing local talent through an Open Call for Northern Irish companies, digital artists, filmmakers and musicians. Something which CultureTECH is keen to promote.”

Glasgowbury are excited to be working alongside Mark and his team and would encourage all young, creative people from throughout the region to find out how the event can benefit them.

As part of this exciting partnership, Glasgowbury will soon have an exclusive announcement of our own to make regarding this year’s Eagle’s Rock bonanza –  so watch this space!

For more information on all things Culture Tech, see www.culturetech.co



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