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Glasgowbury join forces with Red Bull Bedroom Jam

Glasgowbury and Red Bull will link up this Summer to give lucky acts the opportunity to take their music from their bedroom to festival stages.

As well as bringing some exciting new infrastructure to the festival site, Glasgowbury will also be one of Ireland’s key festivals to offer a slot to a winning Red bull Bedroom Jam act.

“It’s time to stop singing into your hairbrush and get busy making a video of you and your band,” said a Red Bull spokesperson.

“The Red Bull Bedroom Jam is back and you can win the chance to play some of Ireland’s top festivals including Glasgowbury, Castle Palooza & Sea Sessions, while also playing at the live final and recording in a Red Bull Studio in either LA, Cape Town, Amsterdam or London etc.”

The Red Bull Bedroom Jam offers a once in a lifetime opportunity for lucky acts to gain exposure via the coveted competition, redesigned this year to specifically benefit Irish acts.

Simply upload a video to the Red Bull Bedroom Jam website, get your fans to vote and bump you up the charts and a filming crew could soon be up to record your very own bedroom jam session.

From there one lucky act will be chosen to play a highly sought after slot at this year’s festival alongside some of the best new and emerging Irish talent.

For more information, check out the official website where you can also view videos of monthly chart winners.


small but MASSIVE!

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